Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Focus, Determination, Commitment...

Either I am committed or I should be committed! I hit the gym and got in 1hr and 30 minutes of kick a** cardio and another 30 minutes of hard core weight training. I really wanted to stay home and sleep but I got my gym gear on and went for it. And I was all in, focused and sweating buckets! And, I did feel better when it was over! I think I felt even better because I went even though I didn't really feel up to it. I'm so proud of myself! There was a time I would have talked myself out of going! I do believe those days are far behind me! Thank God for giving me new Focus, Determination, Commitment and most importantly Self Love! I’ll be back in there again today!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Thank you, have a nice day:

The saga continues.. 

At this point its mid November 2011 and I was approved for the MRI!  I have been home or should I say, a prisoner in my own home for a few weeks at this point, in and out of misery, suffering and fearful that something was just horribly wrong with me.  A few days after my MRI, I received a phone call from the internist’s office telling me that the MRI appeared normal… thank you, have a nice day.  No, really the nurse said the MRI is normal… thank you have a nice day!  *shaking my head* That is great news however, I was still falling apart so yay for a normal MRI boo to still feeling like Sh#@!
For some unexplained reason, I went back to my internist!  I explained all the symptoms I was dealing with once again, he did another random exam and determined that he just did not know what was wrong but did conclude that I should see a neurologist for further evaluation… Thank you, have a nice day. 

Friday, July 27, 2012


Today was cardio only day, I killed it really good! I am so proud of myself! When I started this process back in March I could barely get one mile on the bike, today I went 5 miles and maintained a 10.5 speed the entire 30 minutes! (thanks to a little Christina Agulera, Beyonce and Janet Jackson on my iPod!) Then I did my favorite... the elliptical (yep, I love that machine) and killed that for another 30 minutes! Oh, and I took care of the abs too. I feel like Superwoman for real! Tomorrow is cardio and weight training. I'm looking forward to it! I never thought I would actually say it but if I can't get my work out in, I miss it and that is amazing coming from me! I am truly progressing!

Mystery Diagnosis:

It was November 2011, I was going about my day when all hell broke loose.  I was dizzy, shaking, I had a migraine, and a list of other random symptoms. I was rushed to the emergency room; when I got there, I could not even sign my own name to the admissions papers! They poked, took blood, asked a bunch of questions and took an x-ray or two. 
My husband rushed from work to meet me there as my friend tried to keep me relaxed and everyone of concern informed of my “status” it was chaos and I was horribly afraid of what they might discover.
After what seemed like a million years I was told I would be released, there was nothing more they could do for me and I should follow up with my primary care Dr. Maybe it was fatigue or something … something? That didn’t sound very “medical”.  Against my better judgment, head still spinning and still unable to actually sign my name to the discharge documents, I walked out of the Emergency Room.
The next morning I called my primary care physician to schedule an immediate appointment.  When I went in to see him I was still experiencing some very random symptoms, including vertigo, numbness and stuttering! My internist did an initial exam, ordered some blood work, and requested the ER documents so he could read all about it. Then he sent me home the same way I walked in only a little more aggravated.  I went back to see him a few days later, he informed me that the blood work showed nothing “significant” but my symptoms that by the way… were still continuing  on and off almost a week later, were a concern to him as well so he ordered an MRI.  Unfortunately… insurance being what it is these days … (don’t even get me started on that!) I had to wait for approval. Wait for approval for a test that could determine if I’m like going to die or something? Really?!  I needed to hear that like I needed a hole in the head! (My dad always used that term) So, I went back home to wait some more and believe it or not… oh I think you believe it… fight with my insurance company! If I was dying well …

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dear Diary:

Welcome to Christine in Progress! In this space I will share, my personal journey to health and wellness. I will share my success, failures, challenges, frustration, joy and sometimes pain. I will post pictures of myself, food… random stuff, recipes and even a video or two. Random thoughts will be a bonus I am sure, as I can be quite entertaining at times!  But why am I doing this, public diary of sorts and why do you want to watch as this all unfolds before your very eyes? Well over the next several posts, I will do my best to share the back story: