Sunday, May 5, 2013

Shop Aldi for health food?!

This weekend I went to Aldi,  for the very first time. To be honest I was always skeptical of shopping there, I thought like many people, Aldi was not one of those stores that would carry very high quality food items.  Well I was wrong! I was thrilled and surprised to find they carry many healthy items! 

The produce section is small but the selection was pretty good. They had organic apples and bananas!! They also carry many USA grown produce and no GMO produce so thumbs up Aldi! 

I even found this totally vegan German rye bread (pictured below). Simply made using few ingredients (whole kernel rye, water, wholemeal rye flour, oat fiber, yeast. ) And it was so cheap I couldn't believe my eyes! I've spent 5-7 dollars for similar bread in whole foods. This one was only 1.79!  I was excited to find it. I am going to enjoy it topped with lots of yummy veggies and veganaise! Maybe a vegan curry chickn' salad!!  Vegan / healthy eating on a budget, it can be done! No excuses people!


Bibah said...

We purchase alot of our produce from Aldi. The organic apples and bananas are tasty. I will have to try the bread.

C.I.P. (Christine In Progress) said...

Yes the Apples and Bananas are quite good. Very fresh. Let me know what you think of the bread if you try it. Its an "acquired" taste so I would be curious to know what you think.