Friday, April 8, 2016

You Need The Power To Say No

My new post on the Moms 'N Charge blog is all about the power of NO.  

There has been quite a bit of talk about coming from a place of yes. Say yes. The year of yes. Yes to the dress. Whatever, Yes, Yes, Yes. That’s all really fantastic but, sometimes NO is absolutely necessary.

Where is this coming from, you ask? Recently, I was asked if I could do something for someone and my gut reaction was no, but my mouth said SURE! (*eye roll*) I was so annoyed with myself I started talking out loud, to no one in particular (I do that a lot), asking myself and, no one in particular, why the hell I just did that! Sometimes I make myself crazy!! I have my moments, sometimes I say no. If our children ask to go somewhere I think is unsafe, or they want candy for dinner or Pizza for breakfast, I’ll say no! But when it comes to me, even when it affects me, my very state of being, my time, my energy, my personal space in a way that is not positive or productive, more often than not I say yes either literally or with my silent acceptance.

As I have grown more mature in age, I’ve discovered I have a lot less patience for nonsense and I have become in some ways more concerned with self. I am definitely becoming more vocal about what I want and need. I am a perpetual work in progress. So, I must confess to the entire world, I still have this thing where I say yes way too much. I have decided it just needs to stop. Grown people can say no to stuff. I teach our children to say no…say no to anything that does not feel right, say no to anything they do not want to do. Say no. Meanwhile… I am over here like… sigh.

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