Sunday, June 23, 2013

Touch the Moon...

Last night I spent what seemed like forever out on my front lawn just watching the moon. It was quiet remarkable. The moon appeared just "that close" you could almost touch it. I began to think to myself, how many things appear so close yet so far away. Our hopes, dreams and aspirations... are actually not that far out of our reach. We just need to move a little closer. Sometimes its fear that keeps us grounded sometimes its money or other circumstances. The truth is, if we really want something, if it’s truly important to us we can always find a way to bring it to fruition. Take that step, get healthy, go back to school, make that connection, go on the interview, launch that business, write that book.... touch the moon! ♥ ~CH~

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Review:: Whats for dinner? MorningStar Farms Meatless Crumbles...

Whats for dinner? 

MorningStar Farms Meatless Crumbles... 

So, last night I tried out the Morningstar farms crumbles in my pasta sauce....

How did it turn out? What do I think about them?  

Find out in my video journal::

Have you used the Morningstar Farms meatless crumbles? Please tell me how you used them and if you like them. If you have a recipe you like please share! 

If you are new to the meatless lifestyle, or if you are just looking incorporate a few meatless meals into your routine,  MorningStar Farms has a large assortment of meatless options, visit their website for more information::


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Truth::Veggies are better than pills and other tidbits!

Truth::Veggies are better than pills and other tidbits! 

Why going vegan was a far better decision than taking pills.
What I really think about those pills.
How I learned to respect and appreciate exercise,
And other nifty tidbits. 

Friday, June 7, 2013

A Random Act of Kindness... Returned.


 It was a random act of kindness but I wonder who the receiver really was.

It’s raining dogs and cats today. As I was crossing the street I noticed a homeless man sitting on a chair outside a restaurant, the rain literally pouring down on him. I'm sure hundreds of people just passed him by without so much as a second look this morning. He wasn't shaking a cup; he wasn’t asking for anything, he was just sitting there, in the pouring rain.

Something drew me to him, I found myself heading straight toward him at a quick pace.  I walked up to him and knelt before him so we could be at eye level then I offered him my umbrella. He looked me in the eyes with a deep gratitude, he thanked me... but it was the way he said these two little words that touched my spirit. I responded… your welcome sir... before I could walk away, I paused… It’s cold out here; I'll be right back.

I came back with a hot tea and a breakfast pastry, set up his tea, sugar, plate fork knife, napkins on the table next to him. I asked if he took milk in his tea or if he wanted honey in place of sugar. He said what I provided was just fine. He thanked me again, he had such kind loving eyes... then he said, something that really took hold within my soul, thank you for “seeing me.”  I said nothing in response,  just gave a gentle nod and walked on my way... I hardly noticed I was drenched until I reached my destination. I can’t adequately express the way this exchange touched my spirit, but it touched me very deeply. I gave this man an umbrella and some breakfast.... what he gave me was so much more.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

I'm Still Progressing!

I'm Still Progressing!

I'm back! A little update on my journey so far, a minor set back, celebrations and... progress.