Tuesday, June 24, 2014

So, This Happened Today!

So, this happened today!

I had the pleasure of meeting the Acting U.S. Surgeon General, Rear Adm. Boris D. Lushniak. He was a speaker at The Health Beyond Health Care Conference held at The Washington Post. Health and Wellness are the spirits by which I live and breathe, so its no strange occurrence that I had the opportunity to meet Adm. Lushniak. I wish I would have had the chance to pick his brain regarding details and specifics about the many health challenges millions of us are facing now and in the future. I am sure his revelations would have been even more of an inspiration beyond this fortunate encounter. The small tidbits he disclosed, and witnessing his thoughts on the future of heath nationally and globally, showed me that the high politics of National Healthcare will soon be at the forefront of our political arena beyond the impasse and gridlock of the current congressional debates.

He was a very passionate speaker and incredibly nice to chat with.  This was definitely a highlight of my week.
Pictured with U.S. Surgeon General, Rear Adm. Boris D. Lushniak

 Details about the conference including video clips can be found below: 

From workplaces, schools and neighborhoods designed to encourage exercise to advertising campaigns promoting healthy foods, the places we live and the information we receive about food and exercise have a profound effect on our well-being.
Architects, a former NFL star, a nun and others spoke at a Washington Post Forum June 18 about efforts outside of traditional health care improving the health of Americans. Join the conversation and watch video highlights from the forum below.


Thursday, June 12, 2014

About Last Night...

So, I don't know if you noticed but, I am having a complete love affair with Fashion to Figure!  This is probably the third outfit I have posted that was purchased from Fashion to Figure.  

Fashion to Figure markets itself as a trendy plus size clothing store and I must say, they are just that. This place is a far cry from the boxy, baggy, unflattering maternal plus size fashion found at most retailers.  At Fashion to Figure they say the focus is on "bringing fashion to the figure" and they deliver.  

Though I have officially grown out of plus sizes, I am still a "curvy" girl and as it turns out, if the cut is just right, I can sometimes, still fit into some of the smaller women's sizes.  Lucky me because I am basically obsessed with this store!   

Let's talk about this epic little black and cobalt blue dress shall we?!  I wore it to a cocktail party during a recent trip to NY and I received compliments all night long.  The dress is nicely cut, the fabric is soft and feels wonderful against my skin. The length is perfect for me, it falls just at the knee and the fitted strapless top and full skirt create a very nice hourglass effect.  I paired it with a matching cardigan and strappy black heels. This is the perfect dress for an evening out on the town. Of course, you can wear the dress alone without a jacket or sweater.  More good news, this dress will transition perfectly into fall, add a pair of tights and a blazer or pull out a leather jacket and some bling to give it a little more edge.   This dress will definitely be spending a lot of time out on the town!  

Outfit of the day - Cobalt blue and black strapless dress and matching cardigan - Fashion to Figure

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Playing Dress Up - Summer Fun Day -

I am really excited about this jumper!! If you are a lady under 5ft 5 you understand! I stand just at 5 feet tall and I just happen to love the jumper trend unfortunately, I have had the worst time finding a jumper that would not require major alterations. Due to my challenging relationship with jumpers, I was really in denial about this one. Our 14yo daughter actually picked it out and when I saw it, I fell in love but, I was convinced there was no way it would fit. I was positive the jumper would be too long or too tight or too baggy or some combination of the three so I started to leave it on the rack. Because our daughter just so darn convincing, I tried it on and... it fit perfectly, right off the rack! That never happens! Needless to say I will be wearing the heck out of this jumper all summer long! 

Outfit of the day - Jumper Fashion to Figure