Saturday, June 7, 2014

Playing Dress Up - Summer Fun Day -

I am really excited about this jumper!! If you are a lady under 5ft 5 you understand! I stand just at 5 feet tall and I just happen to love the jumper trend unfortunately, I have had the worst time finding a jumper that would not require major alterations. Due to my challenging relationship with jumpers, I was really in denial about this one. Our 14yo daughter actually picked it out and when I saw it, I fell in love but, I was convinced there was no way it would fit. I was positive the jumper would be too long or too tight or too baggy or some combination of the three so I started to leave it on the rack. Because our daughter just so darn convincing, I tried it on and... it fit perfectly, right off the rack! That never happens! Needless to say I will be wearing the heck out of this jumper all summer long! 

Outfit of the day - Jumper Fashion to Figure

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