Thursday, July 11, 2013

Where's The Protein?

As a former carnivore turned vegan, I am bombarded with questions all the time from family, friends, even perfect strangers. But there is one question that is asked at least a hundred thousand times a day.  
Where do you get your protein?  Well... I will show you ...

Below is an example of a protein packed meal. This is something I would enjoy for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  There's a bunch of stuff in there but I'll just point out the protein parts.   


  • Kale (yep kale has protein)  (and Calcium!)
And the secret power food hidden under all this deliciousness... Quinoa!

Plenty of protein.  No animals.

Believe me when I say, when done correctly a Vegan lifestyle is full, balanced and nutritious. 

Are you a new or seasoned vegan/vegetarian? What types of questions have you been asked?  How do you handle all the inquiries? Please share in the comments!

Are you thinking about trying a plant based lifestyle? Do you have questions? Ask away in the comments and I will do my best to find the answers!


Barry J. Honeycombe said...

Christine - I love your blog and your approach to life. Well done. I'm also a blogger, sharing my plant-based journey and my recipes which are no-added oil whole-food plant-based. My blog is called Plantalicious and can be found here:

C.I.P. (Christine In Progress) said...

Hi Barry! Wonderful to meet you! Thank you so much! I just went over to peek at your blog! Oh how I love it! The food looks amazing and I will be visiting often! Congratulations on your journey and success!