Monday, August 4, 2014

Focus On The Good

Today was pure insanity!  Everything was just crazy, it was one of those days were everything that could go wrong... went wrong. I was tired and irritable, I just wanted to go home climb in the bed and stay there. Its an understatement to say I was having a really bad day!

However, when I got home my day took an entirely different turn. Our youngest daughter showered me in hugs and  kisses. Then, our oldest daughter took me out  to the back yard, she had a surprise for me.  She wanted show me a flower she planted for me while I was gone. She clearly worked very hard and, she was so proud. "Mommy it's your favorite color, red!" She showed me with so much excitement. "Mommy, I wanted to give you something pretty." I love these girls so much I think my heart might explode.

— Feeling thankful.

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