Friday, June 7, 2013

A Random Act of Kindness... Returned.


 It was a random act of kindness but I wonder who the receiver really was.

It’s raining dogs and cats today. As I was crossing the street I noticed a homeless man sitting on a chair outside a restaurant, the rain literally pouring down on him. I'm sure hundreds of people just passed him by without so much as a second look this morning. He wasn't shaking a cup; he wasn’t asking for anything, he was just sitting there, in the pouring rain.

Something drew me to him, I found myself heading straight toward him at a quick pace.  I walked up to him and knelt before him so we could be at eye level then I offered him my umbrella. He looked me in the eyes with a deep gratitude, he thanked me... but it was the way he said these two little words that touched my spirit. I responded… your welcome sir... before I could walk away, I paused… It’s cold out here; I'll be right back.

I came back with a hot tea and a breakfast pastry, set up his tea, sugar, plate fork knife, napkins on the table next to him. I asked if he took milk in his tea or if he wanted honey in place of sugar. He said what I provided was just fine. He thanked me again, he had such kind loving eyes... then he said, something that really took hold within my soul, thank you for “seeing me.”  I said nothing in response,  just gave a gentle nod and walked on my way... I hardly noticed I was drenched until I reached my destination. I can’t adequately express the way this exchange touched my spirit, but it touched me very deeply. I gave this man an umbrella and some breakfast.... what he gave me was so much more.

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