Monday, July 30, 2012

Thank you, have a nice day:

The saga continues.. 

At this point its mid November 2011 and I was approved for the MRI!  I have been home or should I say, a prisoner in my own home for a few weeks at this point, in and out of misery, suffering and fearful that something was just horribly wrong with me.  A few days after my MRI, I received a phone call from the internist’s office telling me that the MRI appeared normal… thank you, have a nice day.  No, really the nurse said the MRI is normal… thank you have a nice day!  *shaking my head* That is great news however, I was still falling apart so yay for a normal MRI boo to still feeling like Sh#@!
For some unexplained reason, I went back to my internist!  I explained all the symptoms I was dealing with once again, he did another random exam and determined that he just did not know what was wrong but did conclude that I should see a neurologist for further evaluation… Thank you, have a nice day. 

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