Tuesday, October 2, 2012


(C.I.P. Christine in Progress) - Progressing! SO.. I guess this is a good time to announce I have lost... 60lbs! I'm kind of a little bit speechless. Some days it’s very, very hard but it is truly worth all effort. I actually didn't start this journey intending to "get skinny" I started my journey with the intention to get healthy and take better care of myself. The weight loss was just another bonus. The most important gift I am receiving out of this journey - Good health... that's priceless!


Celina Smith said...

Hello, I was your blog off of another one I follow..you look amazing and you are doing a great job!!

C.I.P. (Christine In Progress) said...

Thank you so much Celina! I really appreciate all the support and encouragement I am receiving. It is really amazing!