Thursday, October 11, 2012

Good health is Priceless!

So excited!! Here is documented proof that hard work and sacrifice does pay off! I got my body composition analyzed today and I am so excited by the results. Not only have I lost 60lbs – that’s 7 pant/dress sizes! Yes, 7 sizes, my body fat has decreased by 16 points, my BMI is down by 12 points all this and .. I only started working out in MAY! Oh, and even more important, I am no longer pre-hypertensive or pre-diabetic!! My migraine headaches have decreased and my "episodes" have become less sever and less frequent. I am having far more good days than bad these days! I really feel like I am gaining control over this condition that once had all the control over me. YES, good health is priceless! #takingcareofme

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