Saturday, September 1, 2012

Share the Journey with me:

As I mentioned in the beginning, this space will serve as my public diary of sorts, I hope you will share my journey with me in love and support. As I have been going through this, friends, family and acquaintances began to pay attention and witness my physical, spiritual/emotional transformation, they wanted to know more. As I began to share a little more, I was surprised to discover, my journey was actually inspiring others! I could not believe that people I only know casually or never even met have started on their own health/wellness journey as a result of watching my personal transformation! Friends and Family have actually started Meatless Mondays to play around with the idea of transiting to a plant based diet!  Everyone I have had contact with has wanted to hear more, see more and learn more about my journey. So here I am at last, after a lot of thought and consideration I decided I want to share more and, for some crazy reason I want to do it all publicly. I have learned through my private struggles, there may be inspiration for someone else. My journey might actually be a blessing to someone and I don’t want to deny any person that opportunity!  I want this to be a place of positive energy and support, a place where we can share the best and sometimes the worst of ourselves.   I am going to be pretty vulnerable here and I hope you will receive that with love and support as I promise to do the same for you. I am not a Dr. or an expert, I am not selling anything and I have not found the magic potion to instant health and vitality!  Although it feels like it! I am just a woman, mom, and wife... in progress, every day, living life one day at a time, working hard to reclaim my own health and wellness, realizing the blessings in every day,  learning from and sharing my personal adventures and sharing some (hopefully) very valuable lessons along the way. Here’s to progress! 

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