Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Time for something new:

Fast forward it is several months later April, May… I don’t know, but it’s been a while, I have not seen any real improvement  and,  I am pretty sure with all the drugs that have been pushed though my system  my liver is toxic! I honestly felt like the whole medical system was failing me and I knew even though I was miserable and sometimes felt like giving up, the truth was I did not want to give up, I wanted to get better and I would do anything to make that happen! I had to be proactive about this situation, I had to take control, I had to stop being passive, I had to find someone to listen to me!   

So, I found a new internist! Love her!  She actually spent time listening to me! Go figure! Together, we came up with a game plan for us to get to the bottom of this once and for all. One of the things we agreed on was I needed to get a second opinion for another Neurologist as soon as possible. I must admit, I was afraid; I was thinking the worst and there was a part of met that did not want to know what might “really” be going on here.  What if I found out it was something life threatening, would I want to know? Maybe they are correct on the first diagnosis and I should just stick with it? But, I wanted so desperately to feel better for once!  I just wanted to be a part of life again. I would give almost anything to have a normal day. Maybe I should get a second opinion, what’s that saying? Knowing is better than not knowing?  Yes.  True, I guess...So,  scheduled an appointment with a new neurologist.

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