Tuesday, August 27, 2013

How Bad Do You Want It?!

Often times when that alarm clock wakes me at 4:30am I pause for just a moment, OK, I admit it I often hit the snooze button! It is tempting to stay in the bed just a little longer, especially when my body temperature is perfect and the pillows are just right, or it’s raining or cold or too hot or... well, you get the hint!

Whenever these moments strike....that's when I stop and ask myself one very important question...

How Bad Do You Want It? 

It’s the shortest pep talk in the world! 

No matter what your goal, dream or passion is, if you find that you are in a state of hesitation; if you wake up in the morning and find yourself thinking today is the day you want to give up, ask yourself... 

How Bad Do You Want It?

On this particular morning, it took me 9 minutes to answer this question and make the decision to get out of bed!

My personal pep talk went something like this:

How bad do you want it Christine?
Pretty darn bad!
Do you want it more than sleep?
Dam straight!
What do you want?
I want to live fully!
I want to be healthy!
I want to be happy!
I want to be whole!
How bad do you want it?
I want it so much I am willing to sacrifice sleep, wake up before dawn, and go out in the !@&#$%^ rain to make it happen!

How Bad Do You Want It?

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