Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Fitting Room Confessions

Dear designers,

Please design blazers for people with real arms!

Thank you!

I love blazers, jackets and sweaters. Love them!  For a number of reasons, one, in particular, they are a great way to camouflage stuff.  In my case, I am looking to camouflage my arms.  

This is not a self-hating body shaming post, I'm just not comfortable showing my arms.  They are two perfectly good arms, they do the job they were put there to do and...that's about it. I just happen to think they look really great inside a blazer or a jacket or something.  
Seriously, though I really love the way a blazer, jacket or cute sweater can change up or create a look.  I truly think these are among some of the best accessories created!

On a recent shopping trip, I was hoping to pick up a few cute blazers to add to my closet.

To say it was frustrating is an understatement. I need to know exactly WHO these designers are designing for?! Granted, I am in a weird space size-wise, I’m not plus size but I’m not "average" either (whatever average is).  Maybe, my arms are extra special and unique making them really hard to fit...or something.   *rolls eyes*

Exhibit one....

Super cute blazer.  It zips up and everything! SOOO cute! Now, notice my arm? It looks like it's inside a navy blue  sausage casing!

Do you have a hard time finding clothes that fit in all the right places?
Do you have favorite designers that always get it right for your body type? Please share in the comments! 

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