Sunday, February 7, 2016

Friday night is for...

Wine, music and crafty projects! :)

Every now and then after a long crazy week, of juggling life and work I just want to spend my Friday evening doing...not much of anything.  In the spirit of the chill out, I recently spent a very low key Friday night at home listening to Maxwell sing while I moisturized my face and organized my life. There may have also been wine involved...maybe.  :)  

My Friday night chill resulted in this really cute re-purpose project that I just had to share with you!  

Manicure essentials organizer: (Wine is optional for this project.) 

This plastic cube organizer was just sitting in my home office collecting dust so I decided to re-purpose it to hold my nail-polish and other manicure necessities: 

Just a small selection from my nail polish collection.                   

This organizer holds quite a few bottles of polish, this thing is two layers deep!

Just enough room to hold cotton balls,Q-Tips, a bunch of nail polish, cuticle oil, nail clips, files and even a full size mail polish remover. 

Are you crafty? What type of items have you re-purposed?  Tell me about it, share in the comments!



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